What was the Bristol Bus Boycott (BBB) and why does it matter?

Bristol’s Bus Boycott used a variety of strategies to achieve a political victory in a 1963 campaign against racism in the city.

Black-led campaigning made ground-breaking use of the media, as well as petitions, marches and of course the call for a “boycott”, in a
Davids and Goliath

Bristol University students and lecturers joined both black and white Bristolians on marches to support the campaign.

Britain began to outlaw racial and other forms of discrimination in the wake of this Bristol 1963 campgin and other, ongoing fights for social justice that followed.

by Paul Stephenson & Lilleith Morrison,
published by Tangent Books –
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Karl Ritchie Collection at BRO

ON THIS LINK —> https://archives.bristol.gov.uk/records/43496 Bristol Record Office holding of Photographs from Karl Ritchie. Karl Ritchie (centre) in 1980s, with Paul Stephenson (left) and friend.

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Roy Hackett

AUDIO: Madge Dresser and Julie Tang interview Roy Hackett in November 1985. (3 minutes only) Below is a transcript to a longer interview. Roy Hackett

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