Roy Hackett speaks to Glenfrome School

Roy Hackett speaks to Year 6 at Glenfrome in 2015.

A whole host of experiences come to the fore, including his passion for learning and education, how he ran away from home, left Jamaica, came to England, started the “CCC”, fought the Bristol Bus Boycott, built Hinckley Point and became a foreman over white workers.

In the audience at Glenfrome School is Owen Henry’s granddaughter.

At 87 years of age. This ‘cheeky’ , defiant Jamaican proves to be a remarkable raconteur.

Part of our ‘Everyday People’ series from me Maps – looking at the significant characters in our own communities.

Production by Vandna Mehta , Remi Tawose, Mike Noyce, Rob Mitchell and Year 6 Class of 2015 at Glenfrome school.

With Special Thanks to Roy Hackett and Ms O’Callahan Glenfrome School.

The beautiful, pencil-drawing of Roy Hackett on the Mixcloud file is By Michele Curtis, Iconic Black Britons, See ( Black Britons/) for more information about this series of work.

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